Coffee Table is always the centerpiece of your living room. It defines the characteristics of your living room and marks the anchor for the seating arrangements. Oftentimes it is considered the first thing in planning the arrangements of the living room. Everything else is styled around it. Considering its importance, Euro living furniture provides you a wide range of coffee tables. We understand that the Coffee Table is not just a piece of furniture. It is a work of art that symbolizes your way of living and ethnicity. With the variety in the material and styles of coffee tables that we offer, you can easily find an ideal one for your home. Here are some most recent trends preferred by the designers.

Two-tiered tables

This is a smart choice for the living spaces that do not have much room. The bottom shelf doubles the space. This allows you to display decors with enough utility space at the top. It also makes it easier when serving your guests. You can utilize the lower shelf for keeping extra/used cutlery.

Tables with tray

Another smart choice is a Coffee Table with a tray. Trays and tables are made for each other combination. Imagine a table that incorporates an extra element for serving and keeping things tidy. It not only provides the style to your living room but also simplifies un-cluttering.

Installation tables

If you have a flair for modern art pieces, these tables are perfect for you. These tables are an amazing blend of art and function. They come in unique designs with and make a potential statement for your styling.

Ottoman inspired tables

These tables are known for their upholstered frames. These are suitable for all spaces from a king-size villa to an average townhouse. These are available in many designs to match the traditional or transitional theme of your living room

Monolithic style

These are bold, edgy, and confident designs. They are single pieces that are defined by their clean lines, block forms, and fascinating textures. The look is enhanced by delicate craftsmanship changing simple structures into unique art pieces.

Nesting tables

Unlike singular tables, nesting tables are a set of tables. These are modern style furniture that provides additional surface area. With numerous configurations available these tables can fit in, in different room settings.

Coffee table set

This is an extension to a simple coffee table. It gives you a pair of tables creating a modern version of the usual table. You can play with shapes and colors or can opt for two identical tables.

Ultra-low tables

The trend of ultra-low Coffee Table is unique and in contrast to other table styles. These tables are extremely low, almost on the ground. These tables bring a new concept to your living room and add calmness to space.

Tables with a floating structure

These tables come essentially with tiers. The greatest thing about these tables is that they provide a lot of space. You can manage to arrange several items including decorative items and eatables.

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