Bora Bora Sun Lounge - Euro Living Furniture
$ 725.00

Bora Bora Sun Lounge

The Bora Bora Sun Lounge brings with it the nostalgia of the Bora Bora beaches; this sun lounge unit is designed similar in nature to the Bora Bora Sun Lounge, except for the fact there is no adjustable back piece on this lounge. Instead, the Bora Bora Sun Lounge sports the same curvature design that molds to a persons body for comfortable sunbathing.

 The deep-brown wicker design meshes well with many different environments, and the legs are outfitted with silver bands for a nice appeal. Lastly, the Bora Bora Sun Lounge is weather-resistant, and will last for a long time to come.

This practical designed piece is comforting and offers the great escape. The Bora Bora Sunlounge puts a bit of sunshine into the space with extremely calming presence. This lounge relaxes the look of the patio or poolside with proper placement. The Bora Bora is a fabulous lounge that creates the moment for the scene and brings a serene feel to the environment. This lounge is strikingly designed and makes any scene feel elaborate. The out of the box concept of meticulously organized pieces that transform the moment is what the Bora Bora Sunlounge accomplishes.


Dimensions: 76 x 28 x 14 to 24