Daybed 83 - Euro Living Furniture
$ 2,399.00

The Round Bed 83 day bed has measurements of 83 inches by 83 inches, and is crafted from a chocolate brown wicker material. The design of the Round Bed is reminiscent of a wicker basket in addition, the design of the Round Bed is crafted with a higher back edge, in which throw pillows may be put against to create a comfortable lounging place. Also, the mattress of the Round Bed is a circular white mattress that fits the Round Bed perfectly.


Both the Round Bed wicker, and also the mattress cushioning are both protected against the effects of rain and moisture. Lastly, the Round Bed features a supportive round frame within the unit that helps to keep the frame in place, and also provides security to the frame so that it is stable and also supportive of a few people at a time, or even just one person if desired.

An accommodating designed Patio poolside feels eclectic with this Setting Furniture. The Patio Designer announces a bit of flare into the Setting area with historic Patio Furniture. This daybed brings richness to the crevice of the Setting Design with its ancient appearance. The Round Bed Canopy is a symmetrical daybed that characterizes the area of the Setting and brings an invigorating feel to any Patio poolside layout. The daybed is flavorfully designed Setting Furniture that inspires the Setting Design feel preciously