Mdular Sectional
Mdular Sectional Mdular Sectional Mdular Sectional Lanzo 7pc Set In Grey - Euro Living Furniture
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$ 4,986.00 $ 6,234.00
Due to its flexibility and versatility, the Lanzo Collection is a perfect choice no matter the size and shape of the room. 
 The Lanzo features finished sides & is fully modular. This set can be ordered in a 6 or 7 piece combination which allows you to create your own customized combinations. From L-shapes of two- and three-seat sectional sofas with ottoman that can be used as a chaise lounge. The Lanzo can be customized to fit your exact layout. Crafted in leather all around.
The Lanzo is stocked in White Leather, Pumpkin Leather, and Grey Leather but can be special order in many different colors.