New York Sunset - Euro Living Furniture
$ 549.00 $ 690.00

Wall art is a wonderful way to complement your room’s style or add that conversation piece you’ve been looking for. We are proud to introduce the Wall Art Collection which is exclusively printed through a state of the art process onto an acrylic canvas. From depictions of some of the most breathtaking places to stunning still photographs, there are plenty of inspirational pieces in a variety of different styles, sizes, and color palettes to choose from. 

They say it’s a New York truism that for the best views of Manhattan you need to go down the river. In this 4 piece set you can see the finest panoramic vista of New York City and the Brooklyn Bridge.

Piece 1 - 27.5" H x 27.5" W
Piece 2 - 27.5" H x 27.5" W
Piece 3 - 27.5" H x 27.5" W
Piece 4 - 27.5" H x 27.5" W