Fidji Sun Lounge Armless
$ 699.00

The Fidji Sun Lounge Armless is modeled similarly to other lounges of this type. The Fidji Sun Lounge is crafted into a long bed frame, with arm rests which are accessible when the lounge chair is inclined. This particular sun lounge comes in a variety of fashions, of which a black wicker style is one of the choices available. The reclining support bars are sturdy, and have two different settings in the reclining angle. The legs of the black wicker Fidji Sun are black rubber studs, which enable the lounge to stay in place while a person is lounging. 

These particular lounges are ideal to be out into many areas of which a pool area, or an outside area where this lounge set helps to accentuate a Fidji Islands feel. The cushioning of the black wicker Fidji Sun Lounge is a two-piece upper, and lower comfortable, yet supportive cushioning set. Another great benefit about all of the available Fidji Sun Lounge sets is the fact that theyre resistant to weathering effects that occur throughout the year. Another design of the Fidji Sun Lounge is the brown wicker lounge, with a two-piece upper-lower creme-white cushion with creme-white securing straps. Another edition of the Fidji Sun Lounge set is a version with a sleek black, smooth finish with legs fitted in silver bands.


Dimensions: 80 x 30 x 12